I like humanity,  female characters offering a glimpse into the past, exchanges of eloquent looks and the mixinig of cultures, because that reflects our humanity. I like using  body language for expression, to tell a story or convey movement.  I like the strength that emerges from a sculpture on a human scale. I like the appearance of the terracotta because it’s pure and unique, I like bronze because it elevates the earth and  sounds like an instrument.

The signature of my work as a sculptor is a bridge between classicism and purity, a link to meaning. My sculpture collections travel all over the world, and only find their home  through the gaze of others. 




“l’art est ma matière”

My contemporary sculptures are suitable for all public or private spaces and harmonise  particularly well in parks and gardens. My statues assume their full glory when staged in a green  garden environment. 

In association with landscape artists, nature designers and suppliers, I have created artworks with Franck Guillot, the collective “la Closerie des Arts” to create sculptures designed to animate gardens; we have created ephemeral gardens at  ‘Dampierre Château’ in the Yvelines, at the ‘Maison & Objets’ fair and also in the ‘Jardins des Tuileries’ in Paris. 

I have always sculpted.  Sculpture is my mainstay, my sustenance.  I have also explored the world of opera, film and theatre; my art conveys their influence, Classic-Pure. 

I particularly like the idea that my work can be exported to other countries, which is why I am part of the Ateliers d’Art de France. This gives me as a sculptor international visibility. 


A propos


Mes sculptures contemporaines s’adaptent à tous les espaces publics ou privés et se marient tout particulièrement bien dans les parcs et jardins. Mes statues prennent toute leur ampleur quand elles s’inscrivent dans des scénographies végétalisées.

Ainsi, en association avec des paysagistes, des scénographes de la nature et des fournisseurs j’ai créé avec Franck Guillot le collectif “la Closerie des Arts” pour réaliser des scénographies en lien avec l’Art et les jardins, nous avons créé des jardins éphémères au château de Dampierre en Yvelines, au salon maison et objets, ainsi qu‘aux jardin des Tuileries.

J’ai toujours sculpté, c’est ma colonne vertébrale, ma nourriture, j’ai aussi exploré le monde de l’opéra du cinéma et du théâtre, mon art en porte l’empreinte, Classique-Épuré.

J’aime tout particulièrement l’idée que mes œuvres puissent s’exporter dans d’autres civilisations, raison pour laquelle je fais partie des Ateliers d’Art de France. Cela permet à mon travail de sculpteur de rayonner à l’international.


My Sculptures

If the soul had a face, perhaps it would be that of a feminine life-sized bronze statue created by the artist Lussou.

Majestic figures on which we like to project ourselves.

  • Iseult-sculpure-bronze-jardin-1
  • Iseult-sculpure-bronz- jardin-2

My professionnel career

Artist’s assistant sculptor

I collaborated with Marc Boulay to create sculptures for the Natural History Museum in Paris and the Cité des Sciences Museum in Paris
Collaboration with Kaol


I completed a series of sculpture courses for adults

My Studio

The opening of creative my workshop

Prizes & Awards

I was awarded the gold medal for sculpture by the French Republican Guard


The creation of the collective ‘Closerie des Arts’

Prizes & Awards

I won the prize at the salon ‘Jardin Jardin’ in association with stage designer Franck Guillot


The design and creation of an ephemeral sculpture garden in the park of the ‘Château de Dampierre’ in the Yvelines, France


I became a member of the ‘Ateliers d’art de France’ and participated in the international fair Maison et Objet.

Italy: Orient express
Saudi Arabia: A Suliman-leylaty, Dar al Mahara Group
England: Wilmotte Gallery/Sofa Gallery
Turkey: Avasilik Holding Gallery
United States: Nwider Compagny
United Arab Emirates: Un vent Nouveau
India: Source Unlimited
China: Red Star Maccaline

Paris: Marché de l’Art Contemporain, Bastille
Paris: ArtShopping
Paris: Carrousel du Louvre exhibition
Paris : Salon des indépendants/Salon d’Automne
Aix-en-Provence : Smart
Antwerp : International Art Fair
Germany: Karlsruhe International Art Fair

Paris Nord Villepinte: twice a year since 2010, the Maison & Objet International Fair
Parc des expositions : Equip’Hotel exhibition
Auctions : Salle Drouot Paris curator Maître Lucien

2007 : Bronze sculpture commissioned by the city of Vernouillet (Ile de France), ‘Respiration Profonde’.
2015 : Bronze sculpture for the city of Verneuil-sur-Seine (Ile de France), realization of a commission of a bronze sculpture ‘Aura’ for the Adéquation garden
2016 : City of Villennes-sur-Seine (Ile de France) ‘B612’ steel and bronze sculpture for a sports complex
2017 : Sale of sculpture for the square of Vallée Village (Ile de France)
2019 : Creation and sale of custom-made steel sculpture for the entrance of the city of Villennes-sur-Seine (Ile de france)
2019 : Creation and sale of sculptures for a real estate program (Ile de france)
2020 : Creation of bronze sculptures for the city of Verneuil-sur-Seine (real estate program Alchimie)

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